Why eat Frozen ?

When was the last time you devoured a plate of delicious, aromatic and wholesome frozen food? Yes, frozen food!

You may not associate any of these descriptions with Indian frozen foods, let alone the word healthy. But such foods can be healthy and wholesome without being bland. The solution to the problem of unhealthy frozen food lies in a method called ‘flash frozen’.

This is a certified method where the food is frozen immediately after being cooked. This ensures the nutrients are trapped, the taste remains intact and there is no bitter aftertaste to your meals.

Voila! So what you enjoy are delicious healthy frozen meals at your own pace, time and in the comfort of your home. Indian Gourmet offers this with its range of ready to eat Indian meals. Each online order is prepared using fresh ingredients, the best grains, cooked with the right proportions and flash frozen.

The meals are then wrapped with love and delivered to your door.

These are measures Indian Gourmet takes to ensure that you get to taste authentic Indian frozen foods. So, the next time you savour our Indian ready meals the only question on your mind will be Why Not Frozen?

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