The Food That Unites Taste Buds

The vegetarian’s plight is an unending one! Most eateries, across the world, have a vast array of options for the omnivores amongst us but a meagre spread for the vegetarians. This leads to us knowing so little about vegetarian food that we often associate it with salads and greens.

Now here’s a fun fact for you - a large part of the Indian population is vegetarian. Which means that the cuisine mainly comprises of vegetables and lentils. Now the question that comes to one’s mind is - ‘where’s the protein?’. After all, the strongest source of protein in the natural world comes from meat. So how does a large population supplement their nutrition needs? The answer lies in delicious chunks of Paneer or Cottage Cheese.


A Cheese For The Ages

 Claimed to have originated in the middle east in 3rd Century BC, cottage cheese is different from regular cheese. For one, it is not aged and the other is that it’s soaked instead of pressed - a method used for processing other cheeses. Cottage cheese is very simple to make and has a mild flavour, making it the ideal protein supplement. 

This variant of cheese blends seamlessly into most recipes and is fairly easy to cook, making it a popular ingredient in most cuisines. Today cottage cheese is used in salads, dips and as a healthier alternative to mayonnaise.


The Union of Cottage Cheese and Masala

While you can always taste cottage cheese in its many forms, the one form which is a must-try is Paneer Butter Masala. Having originated in Delhi, the dish has amassed extreme popularity amongst vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Cooked in a flavourful tomato gravy with generous dollops of butter, the dish is truly fit for the kings.

The richness of the dish, coupled with the sweet and tangy flavours enveloping chunks of cottage cheese make Paneer Butter Masala an irresistible offering. There is nothing boring about this vegetarian delight which is served with naan, roti or steaming hot rice.


Savour This Delightful Dish

The creaminess of the dish will make you lick your fingers in delight and smack your lips in appreciation. Paneer Butter Masala is an Indian dish that is popular and yet has managed to remain true to its original recipe.

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