The Unexpected Curry

If there is one word that is used as a popular reference to Indian Cuisine then it’s the word ‘curry’. With this popularity also comes a misconception that curry is made of chicken or lamb. Not very often do lovers of Indian cuisine know that fish is a key ingredient in some curries.

This is because fish is most often consumed as a fried or gently sauteed savoury. Which is why its use in a curry is often a mouth-watering surprise for most folks and even more so when it’s in the form of Madras Fish Curry.


Coastal Cuisine At It’s Best

Madras, present-day Chennai, is a beautiful coastal city in India. Once functioning as an administrative unit for the British, the city is known for its rich cultural and culinary heritage. So much so, that the Madras curry masala can be found on most shelves across the globe.

Madras Fish Curry, also known as Meen Kuzhambu in the local dialect, is a delectable curry and traces its culinary roots to fishing hamlets in Southern India. The delicate curry uses a blend of varied flavours from the spice of red chillies, tartness of tomatoes, tanginess of tamarind, mild sweetness of poppy seeds and a generous dribble of the nutritious rapeseed oil.

The fish is then slowly cooked in the gravy till the flavours of the fresh fish blend with the richness of the curry. A touch of curry leaves and a tossing of coconut creates a flavour so delicious that you will be craving for more. The dish is best served with steaming rice and some crunchy poppadoms. There are very few dishes which use minimal ingredients, adopt a simple process and yet transport your senses to gourmet heaven - the Madras Fish Curry is one of them.

Frozen Food Served With Warmth and Love

At Indian Gourmet we often insist that our patrons savour the Madras Fish Curry. It is, after all, a must-try dish for anyone seeking a taste of India that is simple, wholesome and delicious. Our chefs have stuck to the original process of cooking the curry, almost akin to the times when the dish was cooked in small fishing hamlets. Luckily you won’t have to travel to Madras to taste the dish, since at Indian Gourmet we offer Indian Frozen Food that will transport you to warm meals near the sea.

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