Aubergines - A Veggie You Can’t Ignore


If there was one vegetable that draws mixed reactions from food lovers globally, it’s Aubergine. Also known as Eggplant or Brinjal, this vegetable has its fair share of fans and also those who would rather keep their distance from this veggie. 


Despite your preference, you cannot ignore the many health benefits packed in this humble vegetable.


Rich in essential minerals, vitamins and fibre, Aubergine is one of those rare foods that is packed in nutrients while holding minimal calories. 


There’s more though! 


Aubergines contain powerful anti-oxidants that minimize the risk of heart diseases and even aid in weight loss. Imagine eating to lose weight? Sounds ideal - Aubergines are ideal in more ways than one.


If you are on the way to getting fitter then don’t think twice before increasing your Aubergine portions.


And if none of this is convincing you to take a bite, then Ennai Kathirikai will definitely change your mind.


Healthy Or Tasty - Why Choose?


Having originated in Tamil Nadu, India, Ennai Kathirikai, or brinjals in oil, has amassed huge popularity across Southern states including Kerala, Karnataka and even the country of Sri Lanka. 


Each state has created its own version of this tangy South Indian Meal but the basic ingredients and the generous use of Aubergines remain deliciously constant.


One common element is cutting Aubergines at the base in a unique ‘cross’ design. These Aubergines are then tossed into an aromatic ground of spices such as chilli powder, turmeric, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and grated coconut. The mere mention of these spices can give you a hint of the burst of flavours contained within the dish.


These pre-cooked delights are then added to a tangy and delicious Tamarind gravy. The edgy flavour of the dish comes from the use of sesame seeds and oil, jaggery, peanuts complete with a generous garnish of curry leaves. These ingredients add to the rich texture of the dish and give it a unique flavour.


Don’t mistake this richness or its name to mean a dish which is greasy. Despite the use of spices and sesame oil, the dish is never overpowering but has a blend of many subtle flavours. 


Which is why it’s best served with steaming hot rice. The simple flavour of the rice brings out the many variations of this Authentic Indian Meal.


Authentic Indian Ready Meals With Indian Gourmet


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We use fresh ingredients which are cooked at just the right temperature with the most precise of proportions. 


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