Dal Makhani - A Dish For The Ages

Travelling through the Indian Subcontinent is a unique experience. Traversing through the many national highways that connect one part of the country to another, enjoying the serene warmth of the Indian sun and gazing at the paddy fields that line the roadways. During these drives, you will be enraptured with wafts of delicious aromas. These scents signal that a Dhaba or a roadside eatery is right around the corner.

A Mouthful of Experiences

These eateries are tiny shacks that offer refuge to tired truck drivers, adventurous tourists and weary travellers. Serving wholesome and Traditional Indian Food is the norm at these places - where the food is simple, earthly and extremely delicious. There are dishes and flavours you can savour here that will leave a lasting memory on your mind and palate.

It is in almost all of these eateries that you will find the Dal Makhani. This authentic Indian food was first introduced in the Moti Mahal - a restaurant also famous for introducing the world to the popular Butter Chicken. Since then this vegetarian dish has made its way into kitchens, eateries and high-end restaurants.

Simplicity With A Touch of Royalty

So what makes a humble lentil curry so popular? Simplicity. Like all good meals, Dal Makhani is a simple dish made with black lentils and kidney beans. These ingredients don’t often invoke much interest among foodies but don’t mistake the Dal Makhani.

The dish has an element of surprise. These nutritious lentils are slow-cooked in a concoction of cream and butter - it can also be cooked with yoghurt, which acts as a substitute to cream. The dish has the perfect balance of nutrition and taste.

Slow-Cooked To Perfection

This regal gravy also includes tomatoes, subtle spices and a dash of ginger-garlic paste that adds an exciting zing to the dish. This dish though does test one’s patience. In earlier times, this Slow-cooked Indian Food took a good 24 hours to prepare. Imagine waiting that long while these aromas made your mouth water?

Luckily, modern-day cooking innovations have reduced this time to less than 3 hours without tarnishing the taste. Another unique aspect of Dal Makhani is that it tastes even better a few hours or a day after its cooked. The longer the flavours have time to seep in, the better the dish gets.

So if you are second-guessing ordering Indian frozen food or are trying it for the first time - then opt for Dal Makhani.

At Indian Gourmet each dish is cooked with equal attention and love. Our range of frozen foods will let you experience not merely a flavourful taste but an entire culture. The Dal Makhani is a testament to our love of preparing Indian cuisine and serving it to patrons who want to experience the aromas of India.

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