Chicken Vindaloo - The Foodies Anthem

Here’s a fun fact for you - the unofficial anthem for the 1998 football World Cup included the name of a popular curry. Guesses? It’s Vindaloo. The catchy anthem added to the existing popularity of the dish - one which is famously, but also inaccurately, known as the ‘spiciest dish on the menu’. Why inaccurately though? Read on to find out.


Charting The Culinary Map

Vindaloo has an interesting culinary journey to boast of. Having been created in Madeira, Portugal, the dish was introduced to India in 15th Century by Portuguese settlers. The dish was then introduced to the British with an Indian twist. With these many cultural exchanges, the dish was bound to undergo some changes in its ingredients and preparation process, and it did.

The original Vindaloo recipe included marinating the meat in vinegar to give it a distinct tartness. In India, where the dish was prepared by Goan priests, vinegar was unavailable. So the ingenious chefs used local ingredients like coconut toddy and tamarind as alternatives to vinegar.

This wasn’t the only change the Vindaloo experienced. Red chillies, which were easily available, were also added to this mix of spices. Thus the dish has today become synonymous with ‘spicy curry’, but the Vindaloo is so much more!


Sugar and Spice

The versatile dish can be cooked with lamb, pork or chicken - the texture of each meat adds a distinct flavour to the Vindaloo. Today the dish has undergone many changes but some ingredients remain constant.

Chicken Vindaloo is prepared with chicken marinated in vinegar and cooked in a gravy of ground spices which include black peppers, cloves, cinnamon and splashed with a dash of sugar. Yes, sugar! Vindaloo is not just a ‘spicy dish’. It is a fiery dish with a range of different tastes that have become a global favourite.


Best Indian Frozen Food and The Best Vindaloo

When people think of authentic Indian food, Vindaloo is often excluded. Though the dish originated in South America, it has been appropriated and further enhanced by the distinct flavours of Indian Cuisine.

At Indian Gourmet our menu of Indian Frozen Foods includes the Vindaloo - which is highly recommended by our chefs and guests. When we prepare and pack Vindaloo as a frozen meal, we do it with the utmost care, so the distinct flavours of the dish are not lost. We want to re-introduce the Vindaloo as a dish that is not just spicy but has a mixed bag of ingredients that are delicious and mouthwatering.

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