The Convergence of Flavours
Peanut Butter is Canadian, Fortune Cookies are American, Apple Pie is from Medieval England! Surprised, shocked, or both? We bet you didn’t know that these famous dishes had such unexpected origins. Well, that’s the beauty of global food and cultures - flavours, tastes, and ingredients often break through the barriers of geography.

The famous Madras Curry is one such item that has made a permanent place in the menus of global restaurants and curry houses.


Of Indian Origins and British Inventions

The word curry originates from the Tamil word ‘Kari’, which means a spicy sauce. But don’t be mistaken - the famous Madras Curry Powder was actually invented in England. Yes, you read that right! British merchants who traveled from India were especially partial to the flavours they encountered in Madras (Chennai) - the spice hub of India.

The Indian and Bangladeshi chefs then decided to curate a powder with spices including chilies, cardamom, fennel seeds, black pepper, saffron, tamarind, and turmeric among others.

This historic blend was then sold at the Oriental Depot in the 19th century.


Authentic And Global

But you would be mistaken to think that Madras curry is not an authentic Indian curry. The first taste of this aromatic orange curry will dispel all such doubts.

The diverse flavours of the spices, lend an earthy, raw and tangy flavour that is uniquely Indian. Often it’s assumed that the use of 20 spices is bound to make the curry fiery and hot. On the contrary, Madras curry powder has delicate, tangy and delicious flavours.


Chicken Madras Curry - A Stairway to Culinary Heaven

Madras powder is versatile and is added to a multitude of dishes. Amongst these, the Chicken Madras stands out. The use of chicken beautifully complements the powder, further enhancing its taste and aroma.

Succulent chicken is added to a paste of ginger, garlic, onions and cooked until slightly brown. This creates a beautiful base on which the Madras curry powder then works its magic. The sauce is then left to cook until it thickens and the flavours seep into the chicken.

Mouthwatering, isn’t it?


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