The Dish of Celebrations

Your first paycheck, a friend’s engagement, your grandparents anniversary or even your pet’s birthday - special celebrations deserve more than just takeout food - wouldn’t you agree? On such occasions, you would love to dine king-size and Indian Gourmet has the best-frozen curry option for you.


Korma For The Ages

Korma is what we are talking about. A dish that is delicious, rich, and not to forget historical. It is said that Korma was invented in the kitchens of Emperor Akbar by Rajput (Indian Clan) chefs. The dish was also served to emperor Shah Jahan during the inauguration of the iconic Taj Mahal.

A dish this popular is bound to have fans from across the globe. So you can find variations of the dish from Turkey to Persia. The best part, though? Since its invention in the 16th century, the basic recipe and ingredients of this North Indian Food has remained more or less unchanged. So when you dig into a bowl of Korma, you are biting into a slice of history!


Dine Like Royalty

Korma derives its name from its cooking process, which is braising. This versatile dish can be cooked with lamb, paneer (cottage cheese), or even vegetables. So no matter what your food preferences, you can always indulge your taste buds.

Chicken Korma though is a favourite amongst Korma lovers. The dish is made of tender chicken and an aromatic blend of spices. Traditionally, the chicken would be cooked in ghee (clarified butter) on a high flame. Today ghee is replaced with cooking oil or butter.

It is the base of Korma that sets it apart and lends a distinct flavour to the dish. Korma is usually cooked in cream, coconut milk, or rich, creamy curd. Dry fruits are also added to further enhance the texture of the curry.

The recipe of Korma is unique also because of the absence of turmeric and tomatoes - ingredients that are popular in South Asian Cuisine. This absence though has no impact on the flavours of the dish and will instead introduce you to the many varieties of Mughlai food.


The Palace of Good Food
We are sure you are all geared to serve Korma at your celebratory parties or even on a regular day. Now we make it simpler, order Chicken Korma and other authentic Indian food online with Indian Gourmet.

We offer Indian Ready Meals which are flash-frozen so the richness, textures, and taste of the frozen meals are never compromised. You, your loved ones, and your friends can now devour royal meals at home, at cost-effective prices. Order the best chilled Indian curry today.

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