When you take your first bite of Chicken Chettinad, the flavour will strike you as familiar to a dish you had in Vietnam, Ceylon, Laos or maybe even Burma. Don’t be surprised if all your guesses turn out to be right!


While Chicken Chettinad does originate from the Chettiar community, belonging to the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the cuisine is far from what you expect. The early Chettiars were traders and merchants who travelled to Burma, Ceylon, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

On these journeys, they met people from different cultures, stayed in local villages and consumed local food. Once back, they incorporated these flavours into their local cuisines. Thus originated the famous Chettinad cuisine.


Luckily, most of us don’t have to go through long voyages to get a taste of the Best South Indian meal. It is now just a click away with Indian Gourmet.




The Chettiars traded and bartered a range of goods, but above all they prized spices. The spice trade was flourishing and the Chettiars brought back many spices such as Tellicherry pepper, Indonesian nutmeg, and Madagascar cloves. 


Perhaps this is also the reason why Chettinad cuisine is mistaken to be spicy and oily. It is neither. 


Chettinad cuisine is known for its balance of flavours where no one spice overpowers the other. What you taste, is the dish in its entirety. It is no wonder that Chicken Chettinad is considered to be one of the most delicious Indian curries.




Take for instance the famed Chicken Chettinad. This tasty Andhra style food is made of tender chicken pieces, gently cooked in a coconut curry seasoned with star anise, cumin, fennel, black pepper and cardamom. These host of flavours are beautifully blended together to create a dish that is subtle and yet delicious.


The creamy texture of the coconut curry and the tender chicken both melt in your mouth to create a culinary experience unlike any other. The dish is best enjoyed with steamed rice or appams (rice cakes) and can be washed down with a cooling glass of buttermilk.


The Chefs at Indian Gourmet want you to enjoy Authentic South Indian Food in UK. With the right balance of spices, we create a flavourful dish that is easy on your palette. 

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