Channa Masala - The Paradox of Healthy Street Food


Street food, despite the instant gratification it offers to our taste buds, is stereotypically viewed as greasy, oily and unhealthy. This has led to health-conscious folks across the globe shunning street food for healthier alternatives. This is a move that should be encouraged even though a cheat day often includes devouring street food. 


What if you could have delicious street food not just on your off day but also as part of your diet - sounds too good to be true? Well Channa Masala, definitely is!


Indian street food has a few healthy and nutritious gems tucked under its culinary belt. Channa Masala is one such dish which is scrumptious and healthy. Channa Masala is a popular street food in North India but has also made its place in the menus of high end, luxury restaurants. Such is the appeal of this seemingly simple dish.


What’s All The Fuss About?


Is something you must be wondering. Well, all the fuss is contained in the Channa or Chickpea. This source of plant-based protein is a ‘super-food’ that is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. 


Rich in dietary fibre and zinc, Chickpea is an ingredient used in ‘healing diets’ across cultures. This legume is known to hold the key to a healthier heart and prevent certain cancers.


The Super Delicious Super Food!


Channa Masala offers a great way to include the chickpea in your everyday diet. It is street food, but with a healthy twist. 


The process includes soaking Channa in water and then tossing it in a luscious gravy of tomatoes. Into this gravy are then added an array of spices. Indian Cuisine is known for its spices, but what is little known is that each spice has a healing property attached to it. 


Channa Masala includes many such healing spices including ginger, garlic, chilli powder, cumin seeds, garam masala, and coriander powder. The beauty of Channa Masala is you can increase or decrease the spice level based on your tolerance and the dish remains just as delicious. 


Channa Masala is often devoured with a range of Indian Breads - puris and bhatooras. While these are deep-fried, you can always opt for a baked alternative in the form of soft Kulchas.  


While the dish can be served as part of lunch, it’s best to have this as a breakfast snack. The nutrient-packed chickpea will ensure you feel energised and ready to hustle through the day. 


Channa Masala - Authentic Indian Ready Meals at Your Doorstep.


At Indian Gourmet, our Indian Frozen meals are cooked with ingredients that always add value to our patrons’ health and overall well being. We believe that good and nutritious food is the key to leading each day with vigour. We strive to achieve this balance of health in each of our Indian Ready Meals. 


Channa Masala is no exception to our culinary ethos. With our expansive range of Frozen Indian Curries, we want you to relish flavours straight from India’s heartland while also taking care of your heart, mind and soul. After all, good food leads to a great life.

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