Best Frozen Food

Home-cooked food is simple and yet delicious. Ever wondered why? Because it’s cooked with love. The hands of our mothers and grandmothers caress each ingredient, tossing it with warmth and care. This is why home food is perhaps considered a nourishing and healthier alternative to takeaways.

Alas! Lack of time and hectic lifestyles rarely allow us to nourish our souls with childhood savouries. Indian Gourmet, an Indian Restaurant in UK understands this and yet does not want you to miss out on the finer culinary pleasures of life. Our Indian heritage coupled with a deep understanding of local palates equips us to serve delicious Indian frozen foods.

How? It’s simple - you can pick from a range of mouth-watering South Indian and North Indian frozen foods, place your order online and we will deliver healthy frozen meals at your doorstep.

These frozen foods are safe to store, scrumptious and extremely healthy. After all, it’s not made merely for profit but to give your body a wholesome experience. Your health is our priority and we serve nothing less than the best ready frozen meals.

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