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Butter chicken is a dish that is truly global. It has surpassed barriers of geography and palettes to emerge victorious in the kitchens of folks across the world. The origins of this dish, known as Murgh Makhani in Hindi, have been humble. The dish was first prepared in the 1950s in the kitchen of Moti Mahal, a small restaurant in the Indian Capital of New Delhi. Since then Butter Chicken has made its way into the stomachs and hearts of millions. Now, we at Indian Gourmet are bringing the humble Butter Chicken and the best of authentic Indian food online, for you to savour and relish.


When you take your first bite of Chicken Chettinad, the flavour will strike you as familiar to a dish you had in Vietnam, Ceylon, Laos or maybe even Burma. Don’t be surprised if all your guesses turn out to be right! While Chicken Chettinad does originate from the Chettiar community, belonging to the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the cuisine is far from what you expect. The early Chettiars were traders and merchants who travelled to Burma, Ceylon, Malaysia, and Singapore. On these journeys, they met people from different cultures, stayed in local villages and consumed local food. Once back, they incorporated these flavours into their local cuisines. Thus originated the famous Chettinad cuisine. Luckily, most of us don’t have to go through long voyages to get a taste of the Best South Indian meal. It is now just a click away with Indian Gourmet.


If there is one word that is used as a popular reference to Indian Cuisine then it’s the word ‘curry’. With this popularity also comes a misconception that curry is made of chicken or lamb. Not very often do lovers of Indian cuisine know that fish is a key ingredient in some curries. This is because fish is most often consumed as a fried or gently sauteed savoury. Which is why its use in a curry is often a mouth-watering surprise for most folks and even more so when it’s in the form of Madras Fish Curry.


The vegetarian’s plight is an unending one! Most eateries, across the world, have a vast array of options for the omnivores amongst us but a meagre spread for the vegetarians. This leads to us knowing so little about vegetarian food that we often associate it with salads and greens. Now here’s a fun fact for you - a large part of the Indian population is vegetarian. Which means that the cuisine mainly comprises of vegetables and lentils. Now the question that comes to one’s mind is - ‘where’s the protein?’. After all, the strongest source of protein in the natural world comes from meat. So how does a large population supplement their nutrition needs? The answer lies in delicious chunks of Paneer or Cottage Cheese.


Travelling through the Indian Subcontinent is a unique experience. Traversing through the many national highways that connect one part of the country to another, enjoying the serene warmth of the Indian sun and gazing at the paddy fields that line the roadways. During these drives, you will be enraptured with wafts of delicious aromas. These scents signal that a Dhaba or a roadside eatery is right around the corner. These eateries are tiny shacks that offer refuge to tired truck drivers, adventurous tourists and weary travellers. Serving wholesome and Traditional Indian Food is the norm at these places - where the food is simple, earthly and extremely delicious. There are dishes and flavours you can savour here that will leave a lasting memory on your mind and palate. It is in almost all of these eateries that you will find the Dal Makhani.


Chicken Vindaloo - The Foodies Anthem Here’s a fun fact for you - the unofficial anthem for the 1998 football World Cup included the name of a popular curry. Guesses? It’s Vindaloo. The catchy anthem added to the existing popularity of the dish - one which is famously, but also inaccurately, known as the ‘spiciest dish on the menu’. Why inaccurately though? Read on to find out. Vindaloo has an interesting culinary journey to boast of. Having been created in Madeira, Portugal, the dish was introduced to India in 15th Century by Portuguese settlers. The dish was then introduced to the British with an Indian twist. With these many cultural exchanges, the dish was bound to undergo some changes in its ingredients and preparation process, and it did.


Channa Masala - The Paradox of Healthy Street Food Street food, despite the instant gratification it offers to our taste buds, is stereotypically viewed as greasy, oily and unhealthy. This has led to health-conscious folks across the globe shunning street food for healthier alternatives. This is a move that should be encouraged even though a cheat day often includes devouring street food. What if you could have delicious street food not just on your off day but also as part of your diet - sounds too good to be true? Well Channa Masala, definitely is!


Aubergines - A Veggie You Can’t Ignore If there was one vegetable that draws mixed reactions from food lovers globally, it’s Aubergine. Also known as Eggplant or Brinjal, this vegetable has its fair share of fans and also those who would rather keep their distance from this veggie. Despite your preference, you cannot ignore the many health benefits packed in this humble vegetable. Rich in essential minerals, vitamins and fibre, Aubergine is one of those rare foods that is packed in nutrients while holding minimal calories.

Best Frozen Food

Home-cooked food is simple and yet delicious. Ever wondered why? Because it’s cooked with love. The hands of our mothers and grandmothers caress each ingredient, tossing it with warmth and care. This is why home food is perhaps considered a nourishing and healthier alternative to takeaways.

Why eat Frozen ?

When was the last time you devoured a plate of delicious, aromatic and wholesome frozen food? Yes, frozen food! You may not associate any of these descriptions with Indian frozen foods, let alone the word healthy. But such foods can be healthy and wholesome without being bland.


The Dish of Celebrations Your first paycheck, a friend’s engagement, your grandparent's anniversary or even your pet’s birthday - special celebrations deserve more than just takeout food - wouldn’t you agree? On such occasions, you would love to dine king-size and Indian Gourmet has the best-frozen curry option for you.


The Convergence of Flavours Peanut Butter is Canadian, Fortune Cookies are American, Apple Pie is from Medival England! Surprised, shocked or both? We bet you didn’t know that these famous dishes had such unexpected origins. Well, that’s the beauty of global food and cultures - flavours, tastes and ingredients often break through the barriers of geography. The famous Madras Curry is one such item that has made a permanent place in the menus of global restaurants and curry houses.

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